Questions & Answers

Question. Does Caloundra Eyewear Bulk Bill?

Yes, all eye examinations except for contact lenses are Bulk Billed if you hold a Medicare Card.

Question. What to do on the day of your eye test?

Bring your previous glasses, even ones you could not adapt to. These can be very helpful in solving vision problems.

Bring a list of your current medications. Medications often affect your eyes. If you use dry eye drops, please put some in just before you come in. Testing an eye with a poor tear layer can be very inaccurate.

Question. Why don’t you offer “two for the price of one” glasses?  

You can’t get anything for free! We believe in one pair of quality glasses that provide comfortable clear vision rather than two pairs of poor quality, often poorly performing, uncomfortable specs. You may, of course, need more than one pair of spectacles to solve all your vision problems.

Question. Do I need a referral to come to Caloundra Eyewear?

No, but an appointment is required, phone (07) 5491 6422.

Question. Do you do Driving Vision Tests?

Yes, although some GP’s will do the vision assessment required.

Question. What happens if a medical problem is found with my eyes?

We have 7 great Ophthalmologists (Eye-specialists) in the Caloundra- Kawana area alone. You may also be referred to Caloundra Public Hospital although the waiting times can be long.