Frames look good but the lenses must work well, that’s why you wear them in the first place.


Caloundra Eyewear use quality Essilor and Zeiss lenses.


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Nearly everyone has heard of Zeiss, (established in 1846) known for their quality lenses and coatings of all types. Anyone who has looked through a pair of Zeiss binoculars will know what quality is!

Essilor, (established in 1849) is less well known, but actually is the biggest lens manufacturer in the world and the company that invented the progressive or multifocal lens in 1959! It also makes superb quality lenses and coatings of all types and owns and manufactures the famous “Transition” range of changing colour lenses.

  • There are many lens options available
  • Made from thinner and lighter material
  • Change colour in the sun
  • Coated to stop annoying reflections
  • Made to comply to safety regulations
  • Tinted nearly any colour and density for great sunglasses
  • Polarized for fantastic sunglasses

The staff at Caloundra Eyewear will take the time to explain and decide the best option lens for you. They will adjust your frame then calculate the correct fitting of the lens to that frame.This is especially important with multifocals. This is where our experience is paramount to your comfortable and clear vision.